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Commercial Growth at Zion Crossroads

With all the commercial construction doom and gloom in the national media, Zion Crossroads, Virginia continues to buck the trend!  Adjacent to the Shops at Spring Creek and in front of Lowe’s and Wal-Mart, we’ve got Sheetz (scheduled to open Spring of 2012) and what appears to be an Arby’s Restaurant under construction.

Shops at Spring Creek

It’s great to see that Louisa County, Virginia remains open for business!  If you’re looking to open or relocate a business to Louisa County, let’s talk!

Another Look at the Zion Crossroads Commercial Construction

Went back by the  Zion Crossroads Sheetz on 2/25/2012 where progress continues.  Perhaps with the growth in the area Cracker Barrel will also build.  If you’re one of the many folks who would like to see Cracker Barrel Old Country Store & Restaurant in Zion Crossroads, Virgina, please visit the Cracker Barrel web site and let them know!

Progress on Zion Crossroads Sheetz 2.25.2912

The Arbey’s has opened and Sheetz continues to make progress opening later this month hopefully.

Zion Crossroads, Sheetz on 6/2/2012

Went by the Sheetz at Zion Crossroads earlier today and Pepsi was busy stocking the store with beverages.  Opening day cannot be to far off!

Pepsi stocking the Zion Crossroads Sheets on Monday, May 21, 2012

The Zion Crossroads, Virginia Sheetz opened today (5/23/2012)!!!!

Open for Business - Time to gas up at Sheetz!!!