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One of Virginia’s many wood lots.

Are you interested in Forestry in the Commonwealth of Virginia?  Perhaps your home is on 10 acres, and you want to manage your wood lot for wildlife and firewood or you own an urban forest home.  Or, you own 100+ acres and are interested in the federal and state tax implications of a timber sale?  Do you have a Tree Farm or want to manage for Wildlife?  Regardless, the Virginia Forestry Association provides great information and educational programs for forest owners in Virginia.  I just received their spring issue of Virginia Forests and it’s chocked full of interesting articles and information.

Good Forestry Protects Our Water Quality

If you’re interested in Virginia Forests and their future, check out the Virginia Forestry Association membership.  If you’re interested in buying or selling land, homes or farms (including tree farms!), I’m here to help, so let’s talk!