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UV Water Treatment System

UV Light Water Treatment System

When we have a loan involved with the purchase of the property, the lender usually requires the water to be tested for various contaminates.   Often the owner/seller will “shock the well” prior to an independent party taking the water sample for testing in a local lab.  In the past, we’ve hit challenges with to much lead in the water occasionally and had to put on a filter to remove lead from the drinking water.  This year several home sales I’ve been involved with tested high for e-coli bacteria.  What to do when the e-coli bacteria count exceeds the acceptable level?

Several sellers contracted with Intrastate Service Company to install a UV Light water treatment system that removes the e-coli challenge.  I just got back from checking on an installation with a seller.  It’s a pretty neat solution (see photo) that allows the transaction (sale) to move forward.

As I keep encounter new challenges, I’ll share the solutions we discover.  If you have questions or challenges, please share comments so we can all learn by working towards solutions.