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With the 2011 Thanksgiving quickly becoming a great memory, we’re discussing what to do for a Christmas tree this year at Kamp Karen.  I like red cedar tree usually cut from one of the local farms about two weeks before Christmas.  Karen remains partial to spruce and pines feeling the lights hang better on them.  We’ve also had discussions of purchasing an artificial tree with the lights already in place.  This might be the last year for a natural tree at Kamp Karen so it needs to be a good tree.  Last year we got a beautiful tree from the Monticello District Boys Scouts (they’ve got several sales sites in Central Virginia).  Our guest commented how beautiful the tree looked (I missed the smell of  red cedar tree!).  We’ll more than likely be going to the Boy Scout sale in Zion Crossroads and buying a tree next weekend.  Our grandsons excitement over Christmas continues to grow, so I cannot delay to long in acquiring a red ceder or Boy Scout Christmas tree.  If you’re going to buy a tree in Central Virginia, please consider supporting the local Boy Scouts!  Have a great Christmas!