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Lovely Virginia Country HomeSo you’ve decided to move from the “city” to your dream county home.  There are a few things different about county living than city living with one of the majors being septic systems.  The good news: Most of the homes I sell now have indoor plumbing! I can remember using “outhouses” in the 1960’s.  For this post we’ll consider existing traditional gravity fed septic systems and explore alternatives and choosing the type of septic systems in a future posts.

For years we’ve been using home septic systems in Virginia but have you ever wonder how they work?  Here’s  a link to how septic systems work! I’ve lived in the country with septic systems for years but my bride hasn’t.  We often have “discussions” about what to put down the kitchen sink.   I’m often say, “Don’t put anything down the sink you wouldn’t put in your stomach.” (animal fat, bones, egg shells, etc.).  So here’s what the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Extension Service have to say about  septic system.   I also like this quick reference.   If you have specific questions, contact your local health department and/or Virginia Cooperative Extension!  Ask lots of questions and see if you can locate the original and any additional septic permits for your home.