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Scallops & Pasta w/ a Caesar Side Salad

Thanks to Jason, a commercial fisherman, we’ve got some sea scallops at Kamp Karen.  For dinner last Friday, we cooked the scallops with fresh asparagus, vegetables and a little pasta.  With the addition of a side salad, we enjoyed a tasty meal!  It’s easy, so try this yummy pasta dish for dinner sometime.

Starting to Prepare Dinner

To begin, I chopped a link of Italian sausage to saute with chopped onion, garlic, green pepper, fresh ground black pepper and Greek herbs.

Add Chopped Tomatoes

After the sausage browned, a chopped tomato joined the mix.

Add Chopped Asparagus

As the tomatoes cooked down, chopped fresh asparagus entered the pan.

Add Pasta

As the asparagus began to become tender, we added partially cooked whole wheat pasta and covered to simmer.

Toss in Sea Scallops

Next we added sea scallops and tossed to coat with the vegetables, herbs and sausage while mixing with the pasta.

Simmer and Serve

Once the vegetables coated the scallops, we covered and simmered until the scallops cooked to a delicious tender treat (It’s OK to taste while you cook. I do it all the time to get the flavor mix just right!).   It’s a great meal full of fresh spring flavor that does not take long to cook and doesn’t use many pans making for easy cleanup.  Give it a try and vary as you your tastes dictate.  You might want to add some pealed and devained shrimp or other vegetables.