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Savour - An Eclectic Taste

Wow, we had a great dinner out with Richard and Kelley last night celebrating their wedding anniversary!  The atmosphere, food (both presentation and flavor) and service were excellent.  We dined at Savour in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Thank you’s go out to Chef Nafei and his wonderful staff.   After last night’s dinner, Savour moves into my favorite local restaurant spot followed close behind by Palladio at Barboursville Vineyards, the C & O in Charlottesville, Stonefire Station in Barboursville, and the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville.  If you have not experienced fine dining at Savour, you need to check it out.  We started with appetizers ranging from steamed calamari with flying fish roe to salmon mousse to tuna tartar. Our entrees included rack lamb  (Karen’s favorite), rare tuna with a coating of wasabi and black pepper, skirt steak and a quail & lamb sausage Mélange.  The portions were large enough to share (which we did!) and every plate arrived at our table as a work of art.  During the evening our waitress proved attentive but not obtrusive allowing us to enjoy a leisurely feast. She also had the answer to every food and wine question we asked.  Karen’s  food allergies require correct information on ingredients which we often find hard to receive from wait staff (leading to a trip to the emergency room instead of finising a meal).  Chef Nafei and his crack kitchen staff create every item from scratch using fresh ingredients and don’t add any nasty MSG, so Karen can enjoy a much derserved dinner out.  After lingering over the last of our wine, desert and coffee arrived.  Once again the deserts were a work of art and delicious.  At lunchtime, I’ve found Savour to be a great business lunch destination.  Karen and I cannot wait for a cold rainy day to try the lunchtime lamb stew.  Yes, we’ll be heading back to Savour for dinner soon.  If you have not tried Savour, I would highly encourage a visit!

2/26/2011: Returning to Savour tonight, Karen and I could not have had a better dining experience for our 11th wedding anniversary.  The chef helped us select appetizers, entrees and dessert while our waitress provided prompt courteous service.  The atmosphere provide just the right setting.  If you have not dined with our friends at Savour, please give it a try!  Appetizer, entree and dessert for on $33 plus tax and gratuity (it’s delicious and a bargain for  penny pincher like me!!!).