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Walked land in Fluvanna and Louisa County with clients this morning and woods continue to be dry.  We all need to be careful with the current drought and wind conditions.  Different jurisdictions in Virginia have different laws/rules regarding open air burning.  Some even require a permit for trash burning etc. on private property.  Virginia also has a Spring and Fall fire seasons.  Before you start a fire check and make sure you know the rules and burn conditions so it does not get out of control that way we’ll keep Smokey the Bear happy!  You can track area Virginia Fire Conditions online.  If you are living or building in a wooded area here are some good tips for home fire prevention.  The Virginia Department of Forestry has a great web site with lots of good information for land owners large and small.  Some other good forestry sites are the Virginia Tech Department of Forestry (yes, it has a longer name now and I did graduate from with a Forestry Degree specializing in Environmental Conservation back in the 1980’s), Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia  Department of Agriculture.  If you have questions or are interested in buying a home, farm or land, then let’s talk!