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Teddy Roosevelt's Pine Knot (Albemarle County, Virginia)

Happy Presidents Day!  When we think of Presidents and Presidential homes in Albemarle County, Virginia, we most often think of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and  James Monroe’s Ash Lawn.  Many don’t realize Edith Roosevelt purchased Pine Knot in Albemarle County as a rustic get away destination during President Teddy Roosevelt’s first year as president.  From time to time The Edith & Theodore Roosevelt Pine Knot Foundation (P.O. Box 213, Keene, Virginia 22946) holds the property open to the public with tours and speakers.   If you’ve never visited Pine Knot, I would encourage you to make the trip.  When I hear of the next Pine Knot open house, I’ll post the information. 

A great day in a southern Albemarle County, Virginia field!


Enjoy your Presidents Day!  Since I took some time off Saturday to go bird hunting with friends near Pine Knot, I’m working today.