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Piedmont Shrine Club Clothing Sale

It’s time for the Piedmont Shrine Club’s annual clothing sale.  This year the sale will be held at 1326 East High Street in Charlottesville, Virginia (park behind Brown’s Dry Cleaners) on Thursday, November 18th from 2-6:00 PM; Friday, November 19th from 2-6:00 PM; and Saturday, November 20th from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  The clothes have been dry cleaned and are priced to sell!  You would not believe how many people in a college town (UVA) don’t pick up their dry cleaning.  After holding the clothes past the statutory period, the local dry cleaners cannot afford to keep storing so we end up with about half a football field of clothes to sell each year.  In the past we’ve had leather jackets, suites, sport coats, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and even a wedding dress or two.  Come out and buy some clothes and support the Piedmont Shrine Club (they use the funds to throw a great Christmas party at the Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center; hold screening clinics for children to help them qualify for treatment at the Shrine Hospitals;  support ACCA Shrine Center’s transportation fund;  host widow’s at various functions, feed the Shrine units (Mini Patrol, Clowns, Bands, etc) that participate in the Dogwood Parade and other club events. 

If you are in Central Virginia, please share the information on the clothing sale with friends and family, thanks!

If you’re interested in being a Shriner you need to be a Freemason (the oldest, largest and greatest fraternity in the world!).  Need more information on Freemasonry/Masonry/Masons , check out the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60 (Charlottesville’s Lodge), or the Masonic Service Association.

Piedmont Shrine Club & Hillbillies at Kluge Children's Hospital