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During the last six months I’ve seen a few challenges to selling real estate in Central Virginia (baby copperhead snakes in the closet; after providing loan approval, lender deciding not to fund the loan on the day scheduled for closing; out of town appraisers going to the wrong property and starting the appraisal; repair requests from home inspections; etc.).  While selling an old farm house with several additions in Albemarle County, I encountered my 1st request for mold remediation.  The home inspector identified something and urged more testing which identified the mold.  Did this stop the sale?  No!  But you cannot just wash the mold with bleach and rinse with water to make the challenge go away.

Mold 1

Mold Remediation in Crawl Space

Since the seller had the option of correcting the challenge, professionals were brought in to resolve the mold challenge.  With the help of Intrastate Services Co. of Charlottesville, Virginia, we were able to remediate/treat the mold, remove the damaged surfaces, replace the insulation and vapor barrier and install a dehumidifier to work at defeating the source of the mold.  After the work was completed, the same environmental inspector that ID’d the challenge for the purchaser. Environmental Health Consultants, Inc. , come out and verified the mold remediation and correctness of the work.

Mold 2

Mold Remediation in Basement

Since I’m allergic to mold, it’s great to know we’ve got these resources to deal with the challenge of mold in homes.  Sure it cost the sellers some money and took extra effort to accomplish but the cost outweighed the cancellation of the sale.

Wow, did I learn a lot about mold and mold remediation.  Next time we remediate for mold(I’m sure there’ll be one), I’ll get some before, after and during photos plus more info to share.  If you have some photos to share, please send them to me, thanks!