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Want to buy a home but don't know your credit score? Please read below!

Since your Credit Score  often affects your ability to get a home mortgage and or mortgage rate/terms, many home buyers want to learn about Credit Scores and Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit score.  The Scores provide a tool for evaluating a borrower’s creditworthiness.  Knowing about Credit Scores remains important to the home buying process since mortgage types and rates are often based on Credit Scores.  Know your Score and how it was derived may help you to identify challenges that need correcting to improve your score.

Do you know your FICO Score or have credit related questions?  FICO Scores combine Payment History, Amount Owed, Length of Credit History, New Credit, and Types of Credit used to give a FICO Score Number.  Here’s a link to your FREE ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT.  Here’s a link to ways to monitor your credit.  As always, if you have questions  or concerns, let’s talk.  I am here to help!