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Sunset from Glen Eagles, Lake Anna, Virginia

Great meeting at Tanyard County Club in the Town of Louisa this morning.  Mark Mitchell and other staff members of Dominion Virginia Power updated the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce on the status of North Anna 3 (the 3rd nuclear reactor at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station on Lake Anna in Louisa County).  The initial permitting and planning for North Anna 3 started in 2001 with site preparation beginning in 2010.  Dominion continues to work through the permitting and licensing  process with local, Commonwealth of Virginia and Federal agencies.  Licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission remains projected for 2013.   The current plan calls for construction of North Anna 3 to begin in 2013 once the permitting and licensing have been completed with operation beginning in 2022.  Louisa County should see an increase of residential and business opportunities during the construction phase and long term since a separate team will operate North Anna 3 from the team of reactor operators currently in place.   Dominion partnered with Mitsubishi on North Anna 3.  Part of the presentation outlined Virginia’s position as number 2 (behind only California ) in importing electricity.  The nuclear generation of electricity remains a portion of Dominions total generation strategy also utilizing coal, gas, wind, solar and other generation methods.  I’m looking forward to following North Anna 3 and will continue to post more information as it becomes available. 

Lake Anna Sunrise

Crated to provide cooling water for North Anna 1 & 2 (along with 3 &4 that were never built), Lake Anna provides over 200 miles of shoreline with residential, vacation and recreational opportunities.  I learned to water ski on Lake Anna back in the 1970’s and now enjoy visiting my sister’s home on Lake Anna.  If you have not visited Lake Anna, come on over!  It’s a great place to live, work and play!