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Pre – Insulation/Drywall Home Inspection on  New Construction

With new construction or  an existing home, getting a home inspection remains an important step in the home buying process.  No home is perfect and the home inspector will identify deficiencies while helping you develop seasonal maintenance plans for your new home.  A great part of the home inspection process involves learning about and how to live in your new home.  Sometimes we find challenges that lead to terminating the contract of purchase.  More often we develop a solutions thereby addressing the challenges found in the home inspection.  You may want to test for Radon in conjunction with your home inspection.  If you have questions on Radon and Home Inspections, let’s talk!

Uncapped overflow pipe

Uncapped overflow pipe

On a recent re-sale home inspection, the home inspector found a hot water heater over flow that was not capped.  This would send hot water/steam into the air!  In addition to leaning how to live with the new home, we sometimes find health and safety issues.

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Water Damage Found During a Home Inspection