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Green new construction in Greene County, Virginia

This week I’m exploring “Green” building and remodeling partially through a Sustainable Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals (S.T.A.R.) class  taught by Earth Advantage and sponsored by Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP).  I’m finding some great resources to share with you so I created a new Category: “Green” Building & Remodeling, where we can all post information and comments.

Is “high performance”  better than “green” from a homeowner standpoint?  What is “green” building and remodeling?  These are a few topics I hope to explore as well as sharing product information.  To start, I developed the following definition of “Green” Building & Remodeling:   High performance home in energy & water use with healthy indoor air quality utilizing durable materials & appliances leading to a more environmentally responsible lifestyle with a higher return on investment for the homeowner.

Now let’s get the discussion started!  What’s your definition of “Green” construction and remodeling?  Please let us know by adding a comment.