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Whether you are moving to Central Virginia from out of town for a new job at the University of Virginia, Rivanna Station (DIA or NGIC), State Farm or to retire in paradise, I’ve got a great FREE real estate search program for you (looking for real estate info outside Central Virginia, let’s talk since I have an extensive data base of agents around the country and world waiting to help with your needs).   If you’re a renter tired of making your landlord rich, the free program will work great for you as well.  Heck, if you’re in the area looking for a new home or just want to follow homes for sale in your neighborhood the free program also works great for you.  Click on the link and develop your profile of a desired home or neighborhood to follow.   If you’re moving to the area for a new job, enter your work site as your address.  The program has a great mapping feature allowing you to map the route from properties to your work site or develop a map so you can drive by all the homes of interest to check them out.  When you find a homes that interest you, please add them to your notebook.  For homes in your notebook, you will receive e-mail updates on price and other changes.  Many have asked and yes, I will not be spamming you or send you e-mails.  I am just offering a great free tool for following the local real estate market.  Many friends and clients have taken advantage of this tool in the past.  Some still use it to follow the market in their neighborhood.  Spouses like the program because they can see each other comments and properties they like (very helpful when one spouse may already be in Central Virginia and the other still waiting to relocate).  Please take advantage of this FREE tool.  If you have questions, want to see a property (home, farm or land), I am here to help, so let’s talk!