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James Friend Dickerson, Real Estate Consultant

During our current real estate market correction, some homeowners remain challenged with their current mortgage.  Facing FORECLOSURE or a SHORT SALE and want to keep your home? From what I have experienced, each home owner potentially facing a foreclosure or short sale has individual needs and challenges requiring an individual response.  Refinancing may be an option allowing you to obtain a new loan that better meets your financial position.  Restructuring your current loan may also be an option.  For me, the blessing to come out of the current market has been helping several homeowners to stay in their home instead of selling or losing their home.  Many states and some localities stand ready to assist.  The Governor of Virginia created a task force for help in the CommonwealthHUD also provides some great information.   In Central Virginia, the Piedmont Housing Alliance remains a great resource and has a great variety of homeowner and home buyerassistance programs.   All is not lost.  Please explore your options if foreclosure or a short sale loom in your future. If you have questions, then let’s talk!