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Charlottesville's own Dickens' Village

Last evening Karen and I were treated to a tour of Dickens’ Village in Charlottesville thanks to Mayor Andy.  Each year Mayor Andy creates a new display of his Department 56 Dickens’ Village Series buildings.  Some chose to display the buildings on shelves but Mayor Andy spends a month plus creating a Village scene with lights, trees, and street scenes typical of Victorian era London, England.  A few years ago we toured London with Mayor Andy and he pointed out the current buildings still in use represented in his Dickens’ Village collections.  Some of the uses had changed over time but it provided a neat slant to our tour of London.  The photo above shows about 1/3 of this year’s display and each year Mayor Andy only uses a portion of his Victorian English collectables to create a unique display.  We keep going back year after year to see the Village and try to find new acquisitions.  Over the years the village has been featured in the Daily Progress and on local TV stations.  Mayor Andy, thanks for sharing! 

Well it’s back to work in Central Virginia today with clients on 21st century homes, farms and land.  If I can help with your real estate needs, let’s talk!