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Another listing sold w/ move assist by PODS!

Are you moving across town or across the country?  PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) has helped many of my clients.  They drop the container or containers off at your residence, you pack or hire packers, then they move or store until you’re in your new home.  Using PODS storage beats moving items to an offsite store site multiple time and many of my clients have found PODS to be a cost effective alternative to storage units.  My clients have been using PODS for years and I’ve only gotten positive feedback.  This week I had clients moving into a rental while their new home construction begins.  They are storing their furnishings in PODS using their environmentally controlled storage center until moving into the new home.  I’ve also had clients with great success moving across county with PODS.  Heck, I’ve even recommended a few clients rent a PODS units for storing their stuff when placing their home on the market.  This helps to de-clutter the home, providing a better showing experience for buyers helping to sell the home.  If you contact PODS, don’t forget to ask for the RE/MAX discount! 

As always, if you have real estate questions, I am here to help, so let’s talk!

PODS - Portable On Demand Storage

Another clients moves her two bedroom condo using PODS with room to spare!

Furnature & belongings from a 2 bedroom condo fit in a PODS unit w/ room to spare!