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There’s more than goats at Yoder’s this weekend!

Have you been to Yoder’s Country Market in Madison County, Virginia  lately?  If not, Saturday would be a great day to visit the animals and stock up on bulk foods, homemade baked goods, baking supplies, deli meats & cheeses, and more!  We make several visits a year to Yoder’s including one to resupply family members in North Carolina.  This Saturday from 9am to 4 pm you can also enjoy chicken and pork BBQ served outside!  Buy a dinner to enjoy on-grounds or in bulk to take home.  Before you leave don’t forget to visit animals in the barnyard and reward the goats for traverse the 15′ high sky-walk.  Yoder’s remains a great place to take the children and grandchildren!

Albemarle County Sheep

As I travel the back roads of Central Virginia, I see more and more grazing sheep.  This weekend’s Fall Fiber Festival & Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials in Orange County, Virginia provide a fun family friendly environment to learn about a variety of local fiber producers, fiber products and the dogs that heard the sheep.  Come out to Montpelier and experience the different levels of local fiber production and support our local fiber farmers!

Fall Color in Central Virginia

On Sunday afternoon we’re planning to head out and visit some friends.  It will be great to travel the back roads of Central Virginia and check out everychanging fall color.  What are you doing this weekend?  Please share events by posting a comment.  Enjoy your weekend!!!