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Time for a farm visit!

Ready for a great steak on the grill or need some ground beef?  At Camp Karen (our home) we use certified Angus Beef from Foods for Thought in Central Virginia.  For years we’ve been getting our beef from Rob at Foods for Thought  with no regrets.  The ground beef contains little fat making for great hamburgers on the grill, meatloaf or my favorite Mexican Lasagna!  If you’re looking for beef you don’t need to buy a side of beef like we do, you can purchase ground beef or patties by the pound or smaller combo packages!  Have a special need for a corporate party or family gathering, ask !  The fine folks at Foods for Thought, Inc. remain customer oriented and will work hard to meet your custom needs.

This year we had a food collection at the RE/MAX Assured Properties office for a Albemarle County family so Karen and I donated several pounds of ground beef.  We also take the beef to North Carolina when visiting to swap for fresh seafood!

We’ve taken family from North Carolina and friends from Australia to visit the Foods for Thought, Inc. farm.  The grandchildren love seeing the calves and learning about where there food comes from and farming.  Now if we can only keep the boys off Rob’s tractors!   If you need assistnace in contacting Foods for Thought or have real estate questions or needs, I am here to help, so let’s talk!

Food for Thought