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BBQ Exchange - A must stop in Gordonsville, Virginia

While traveling between Somerset and Zion Crossroads, I stopped at the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, Virginia.  I enjoyed a pulled pork BBQ sandwich for lunch and picked up a pulled chicken platter for Karen’s dinner (I’ve got a dinner meeting in Charlottesville tonight).  We’ve stopped in several times for lunch or to grab a platter for a later dinner.  We’re still exploring all the menu options and have yet to be disappointed.  From the different types of BBQ, sauces, slaw, etc., we keep concocting different combinations. They had fried bacon dipped in dark chocolate one day but we were not adventurous enough try chocolate covered bacon.  They have some great baked goods and cookies for desert.   If you’re out near Gordonsville, Virginia, the BBQ Exchange should be on your list of places to explore.  If you’re out looking to buy a home farm or land, let’s talk.  Who knows maybe we’ll end up at the BBQ Exchange writing an offer!