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Check the local burn laws & conditions related to outdoor fires. The Spring Burn Law remains in effect.

Where did the April showers go?  It’s been extremely dry in Central Virginia this year and we’re about 2″ behind in rainfall.  The dry conditions  coupled with this week’s high winds makes for dangerous fire conditions.  It’s still Spring Fire Season in Virginia, so please be careful if you plan to burn this weekend or better yet delay burning till we get some rain.  I just heard from the Virginia Department of Forestry and we currently have multiple small fires and five large wildfires burning in the Commonwealth.  Like Smokey the Bear says, be careful with fire!

One of the many gardens tucker around the UVA Grounds.

 In Charlottesville and Albemarle County, we’ll be celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday.  It’s a great day to get out for walking the Grounds of the University of Virginia to admire the gardens and architecture while beating the Garden Week crowds.  Monticello also includes events celebrating Jefferson’s Birthday in their schedule so head up to the Little Mountain for a visit.

Discover Gordonsville, Virginia

It’s also my bride’s birthday so we’ll be heading to the BBQ Exchange to celebrate with family (the adults like the BBQ and are looking forward to trying the new salmon q while the grandsons like the ice cream and video games).  We’ll probably walk the streets of Gordonsville visiting the antique shops and boutiques.  If you haven’t been to the BBQ Exchange or Gordonsville, get out for a visit this weekend.

Historic Albemarle County Courthouse

On Saturday we’ll visit the Louisa Historical Society in the afternoon.  Other historical destinations we want to visit and would make good stops this weekend include the Exchange Hotel, Hatton Ferry, and Montpelier.  Sunday afternoon we may get out to Miller Farms Market in Unionville and pick some strawberries (we’ll check before going since all the early strawberries may have been picked).

Travel the back roads to discover beautiful fields of spring flowers.

What are you doing this weekend?  Please add a comment sharing fun events on your schedule.  Have a great weekend!