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Prior to a recent home inspection, a 1st time homebuyer and I discussed radon and the possibility of testing for radon along with the home inspection. So what is radon? According to the EPA, radon is a colorless, odorless gas that causes cancer. The EPA produced a great publication “ A Citizen’s Guide to Radon” with lots of information. Take some time to explore the publication. It answers questions like: “How does radon get into your home?” and addresses topics like “Radon Myths” . For home buyers and sellers the “Radon in Real Estate” section provides lots of great information. Check out the EPA site and other sources of information so you can make an informed decision on radon and radon testing when you buy or build a home. In the past I’ve had some clients who didn’t want to get the radon test (save on the cost or didn’t think radon was a concern).  Lately I’ve been advising purchasers to go ahead and get the radon test. If the test shows an unacceptable level of radon, ask the seller to mitigate and lower the level (there is some radon everywhere from what I read). If the test shows an acceptable level of radon, great (keep the report to share with potential buyers should you decided to sell in the future). That way you have taken care of the possible challenge while someone else owns the house. RE/MAX Assured Properties (my company) makes available a home inspection addendum for purchase contracts providing for radon testing and covers options depending on levels of radon found.

For new construction Karen and I found it very easy to install pipes under the basement concrete slab with a vent pipe out the roof when we built our current home in 2002.  The electrician wired an outlet near the vent pipe so a pump could be added later if needed. The piping didn’t add but a couple of hundred dollars to the construction cost while providing peace of mind. Also, the venting was done in a tasteful manner hidden inside the walls. Consider adding radon mitigation to your next new construction project. We had our home tested several months after moving in founding the radon level to be acceptable so there was no need to install the pump.

Recently I heard a national radio talk show discuss high radon levels from granite counter tops. I decided to do some research and found the EPA also had information on granite counter tops and radon. Pretty cool.  You hear lots of comments on many topics so it’s always good to varify the information.

If you have more info on radon and real estate or some other sites to share, please add as comments to this post. Thanks! If you have questions or are ready to buy a home, farm or land, I am here to help, so let’s talk!