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Take a ride on the Meadow Creek Parkway

While showing homes today in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, I took a ride on the new Meadow Creek Parkway (opened today!).  What a beautiful ride on a nice new road.  Some wish  the Parkway to be four lanes and running from US 29 at Polo Grounds Road to McIntire Road.  However, the section that opened today provides a start to local transportation improvements.  Now perhaps the city, county and VDOT can work together other transportation issue: Places 29, the Western Bypass, perhaps an Eastern Bypass and the rest of Meadow Creek Parkway.  Till then the current Meadow Creek Parkway makes for a great ride!  To follow local transportation and other issues, I find the Free Enterprise Forum site & e-mials very helpful.   If you have questions or  you’re ready to buy a home, farm or land, let’s talk!

Now open in Albemarle County

Update 11/23/2010:  The center 1/3 of the Meadow Creek Parkway closed last night.  No scheduled re-opening in site.  I guess we’re waiting on the City of Charlottesville to build it’s 1/3 and Albemarle County to build the 1/3 from Polo Grounds Road to Rio Road.  I’ll continue to keep and eye on the Meadow Creek Parkway and post updates!

Update 12/28/2011:  Albemarle County prepares to open the center 1/3 of the Meadow Creek Parkway in January of 2012 while the City of Charlottesville begins work on the City 1/3 of the Parkway.  The final 1/3 of the Parkway (from US 29 near Polo Grounds Road to Rio Road) goes undiscussed.  Has the final 1/3 of the Meadow Creek Parkway been abandoned or forgotten?